KART China-ASEAN LTL Services

Lead Time: -- Days
Estimated Price: USD 0.00 (minimum charge)
*Rate above is subject to gross weight and volumetric weight whichever is higher.
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Terms & Conditions
  • The above rates are inclusive of transportation, cargo handling, 2 days of free storage charges and custom brokerage at both origin and destination hub for stackable general cargo, no DG cargo accepted.
  • The above rates are exclusive of CIQ inspection fee, import/export taxes, duties, custom levy and all other miscellaneous/incidental charges.
  • The above rates cover liability limit of USD 2 per KG for gross weight of goods lost or damaged, OR USD 30,000 per occurrence per event, whichever is lower.
  • Chargeable weight is computed @ 1 CBM = 250 Kg, whichever is higher amongst gross or volumetric weight.
  • The maximum pallet/unit capacity: 1.2 (Length) * 1.1 (Width) * 1.5 (Height) m with a weight limitation of 500kg/pallet/unit. OOG cargoes will be imposed surcharge accordingly. Please call us for verification prior to acceptance of order.
  • Booking Cut-off shall be Day -2, for local collection purpose. Delivery lead time is subjected to KART schedules, working days and custom processing at respective border check points.
  • All other conditions follow the Standard Terms and Conditions stated in the Road Waybill of KART Logistics Ltd.